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Condiciones de instalación de las lamas de madera Spigoline 01

The conditions for installing wood slats (Spigoline solid obeche wood slats) is a key point to take into account before starting the installation. This way you can guarantee the safety, efficiency and durability of the chosen slat cladding, both on walls and on ceilings. Here is a recap:

1. Installation shall be done only when the temperatura and humidity approximate to the interior conditions that will exits when the building is occupied

2. The heating and cooling system shall be operating before, during, and after installation, with the humidity of the interior spaces  maintained between 25% and 55%.

3. It is important that the site has adequate ventilation, especially in areas of high humidity.

4. Mechanical, electrical and other utility service installations should be completed prior to the installation.

5. Spigoline grills could alter its length in +/-3 mm, due to physical-mechanical tolerances of wood.

6. Transverse edges are cut cleanly and at a 90 degree angle os Spigoline grills will make leaving an expand joint approximately of 5/7 mm.

7. Fire Performance Characteristics: when specified as “Fire resistant”, wood slats shall conform to  classification B-s2, d0.

8. Environmental Standards. Our products are made with FSC certificated materials, which garantees that wood and paper come from sustainable managed forests; and with the PEFC label, which certifies the origin of the raw material from sustainable farms in the timber sector.

9. Spigoline grills will be store in a flat and fully enclosed space during a mínimum of 4 days inmediately prior to installation.

10. Spigoline grills must be stored in the room in where it will be installed. The grills must be store off the floor.

11. Spigoline grills must be stored on pallets and the grills must be protected.


Condiciones de instalación de las lamas de madera Spigoline0 02


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