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Cladding with wood slats in schools is one of the most used resources when a decorative project wants to represent the prestige and quality of a school, university or business school. Sometimes, solid wood slats in natural wood finish is the chosen options. At other times, as we can see in these examples, chromatic finishes are chosen in accordance with the overall aesthetic proposal of the project.

The idea is to convey a sense of quality to students and visitors, so the wood slat cladding beautifies both classrooms and reception areas or common areas such as corridors, stairs, gyms and cafeterias.

Høgskolen i Bergen (Norway)

Spigogroup manufactured some 4,000 m² of acoustic panels and wood slats for this project. The wood slats were used in special interior cladding. They consist of varnished solid trapezoidal oak slats, set on pine wood frames, and they were installed in the cafeteria, reception, gym, stairs, corridors and other common areas.


Revestimientos de lamas de madera para centros educativos 01


Revestimientos de lamas de madera para centros educativos 02


Revestimientos de lamas de madera para centros educativos 03


Revestimientos de lamas de madera para centros educativos 04


Nuestra Señora del Pino student residence (Madrid)

For this school of the congregation of the Dominican Missionaries of the Holy Family in Madrid, Spigoline Grid System wood slats were supplied for ceilings; more specifically model 5-15-70-55, with a solid obeche wood white lacquered fireproof B-s2, d0 finish.






Garrigues Studies Center

On this occasion we also opted for Spigoline Grid System model 5-15-70-55 finished in solid stained obeche wood PSM R12354 with fireproof treatment. The downlights are embedded in the design ceilings superbly, appearing to be just another slat and creating a spectacular optical effect.







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