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Decorative false ceiling with wood slats 01

GRID System

Installing a decorative false ceiling with solid wood slats can radically transform the look of a room. Wood is a warm, elegant material and wood slats convey order and serenity. Incorporating wood slats to a decoratively wasted space, such as the ceiling of a room, aesthetically enhances it without sacrificing any other element.

The Spigoline catalogue offers three different wood slat systems for ceilings, all capable of completely renovating the look of offices, restaurants, auditoriums, exhibition halls, classrooms, common areas, waiting rooms, etc. In all cases they are made of solid wood slats of obeche wood, a particularly light wood, which can be chosen in various wood stain finishes (natural, beech, oak, cherry and wenge), as well as white, orange, red and green RAL colours.


  • GRID System  is made up of slats of solid Wood (square or rectangular sections) positioned parallel to each other, joined together by wooden rods (12 mm diameter). It is mounted on the ceiling by means of an anchoring system based on positioning os Spigoline Grills throught T-15 profile structure and U clips which act as hooks.
  • Decorative false ceiling with wood slats 03

    ACÚSTICO system

    ACOUSTIC System is made up of superior acoustic panel with ovoid or circular holes and solid wood slats (square or rectangular section) positioned parallel to each other and perpendicular to this support.. Its main peculiarity is that it is equipped with a sound-absorbent system that enables acoustic conditioning. It is mounted on the ceiling by means of an assembly system of Spigoline grills through wooden spacer structure to the ceiling and their posterior positioning by means of nails.

  • LINEAL System is made up of solid wood beams (square or rectangular cross-section) laid parallel to one another and held together by wooden struts. The mounting system is similar to that of acoustic systems.


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