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Decorative wood strips and slats have gone from being a curious, unusual component to being present on the ceilings of a large number of offices.

On the one hand they have an indisputable aesthetic value. On office ceilings, decorative wood slats provide an orderly, modern perspective of the space they crown, making the rooms seem larger than they really are.

In addition, they serve to discreetly and elegantly hide spotlights, downlights and other ancillary components, like sensors and speakers. Also, depending on the model of wood slat panels chosen, it can be used to improve room acoustics. This is the case of the acoustic system designed by Spigoline, the Spigogroup division devoted to manufacturing decorative solid wood slats.

Here are 5 good examples of decorative wood strips and slats in office ceilings. All are included in Spigoline's solid wood slat cladding catalogue:


The OHIM European Agency in Alicante

For this project Spigoline Grid System wood slats were used with a ceiling mounting clip installation system. The chosen model of wood slats was the 6-30-35-30 which has 6 30 mm wide wood slats and a separation of 30 mm between slats. The grids are 35 mm high, 360 mm¡ wide and 3000 mm long. The wood slats were finished in solid obeche wood stained with flame retardant B-s2, d0 varnish.



The Autodesk offices in Barcelona

For the design ceilings with ceilings made with solid wood slats at the Autodesk offices we manufactured and supplied wood slats (model 4-30-70-55 of Grid System). This model features 4 slats of wood in each module which are 30 mm wide and 70 mm high, with a separation between components of 55 mm. For this work the solid Ayous tinted finish was chosen with B-s2, d0 flame retardant varnish.



FINSA headquarters

The chosen wood slat model was the Spigoline 4-20-70-100, with a black upper crossbar, a slat section of 20×70 mm, grill width of 500 mm and a finish in obeche wood with natural varnish B-s2, d0.



EFEBÉ Group offices

In this case, approximately 50 m² of grids made with wood slats Spigoline . They are the Spigoline GRID system with model 5-15-70-55 finished in obeche wood with colourless flame retardant varnish and installed using the T-15 system. Each grill of this model is 3000 mm long and 350 mm wide and has 5 slats 15 mm wide and 70 mm high gridded with black rods.



Centro de Formación Canario headquarters

The Grid 4-30-70-35 model of the Spigoline wood slat decorative panel system was chosen. The model consists of four, 30 mm wide and 70 mm high slats with 55 mm spacing, forming a grid with black rods. The grids are 340 mm wide and 2100 mm long, and are installed with fastening clips. Solid obeche wood with oak stain was chosen as finish for the wood panelling and false ceiling.




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