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02 puertas enrasadas flush doors portes affleurantes

Flush doors are a type of door that is highly in demand by architects and interior designers. In fact, they are increasingly present in offices, practices and even in homes where you want to take special care of the décor.

But what exactly is a flush door? And why are they so popular?

The special system of rush door is the solution that allows installing a fully camouflaged door. Furthermore, this system gets to integrate the door into the wall and the environment until it retreated. Once installed, thanks to totally integration, these doors show all their qualities, giving greater emphasis to constructive details of its context.

They are highly appreciated because they fit perfectly with current trends for the design of open spaces and continuous walls. The most modern designs of flush doors, also known as integrated doors, invisible doors or hidden doors, allow for minimalist proposals, clean of outstanding elements, where the focus is on space, light and colour.

In addition, they admit all types of finishes. You can choose MDB finishes to paint, laminated HPL formica, natural wood veneers or lacquered finishes. Finishes can also adapt to any other requirement in line with the decorative treatment of the surrounding walls, so the door goes unnoticed. They can even be panelled with Spigoacustic acoustic panels and cladding, thereby helping absorb sound to ensure the right level of acoustic comfort required by the project at hand.


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