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02 Techo técnico para hospitales Technical ceilings for hospitals Plafond technique pour hôpitaux

Technical ceilings for hospitals and medical centres are a solution that easily and discreetly accommodates devices that improve the comfort of staff and patients.

The key to technical ceilings for hospitals and medical centres lies in the system used to install the ceiling tiles that comprise the technical ceiling. This system leaves a space between the tiles and the plenum that can be used to house public address, air conditioning and security installations, in addition to the typical hospital fittings, like waters and gas pipes, communication devices between rooms, and so on.

But the most important thing feature of this system is that thy are accessible ceilings, which make it possible to handle or replace a single tile without touching the rest of the ceiling. Thus, the ceiling can be quickly and easily adapted as the medical facilities evolve with new technology without requiring works that can cost both time and money.

In addition, ceiling tiles used can be acoustic panels that help to improve the acoustics of these sanitary spaces, and they can be treated to reinforce their resistance to fire and humidity.

Finally, from an aesthetic and superficial point of view these technical ceilings can have any look you want. Sometimes you choose ceiling tiles with clear melamine finishes, which enhance room lighting and create a relaxing atmosphere. This is the case of testing rooms, operating theatres or patient rooms. In other cases such as offices and meeting rooms, wood finishes are chosen to add a touch of elegance and distinction.

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