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Paneles acústicos de madera europea 01European wood acoustic panels? Is wood from European forests better? Why?

Some customers ask us about where we source the wood used to manufacture our acoustic panels and wood cladding. This is a detail that is becoming increasingly important, not only because of a commitment to the use of European products, but also because of the advantages this brings from the point of view of sustainability.

The wood we use at Spigogroup is mostly of European provenance, because our main wood suppliers source their raw material from European forests:


  • This means a reduction in transport costs compared to timber from further afield, as well as a significant reduction in the transport-related carbon footprint.


  • Moreover, using European wood is a commitment to local products, which helps to generate employment and economic growth in our area.


  • Finally, we have to bear in mind that using European timber promotes the increase of forest area dedicated to sustainable forest management, which benefits the environment.


In addition, all the wood that arrives at our facilities is PEFC or FSC certified. The adoption of these stamps also prevents the use and promotion of illegally cut timber. These certifications guarantee that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests and that the wood panel has also been prepared by a manufacturer who guarantees that a PEFC or FSC chain of custody system is maintained right through to the end product.



Paneles acústicos de madera europea 02




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