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01 Puertas de madera para interiores Wood doors for interiors Portes intérieures en bois

Wood doors for interiors continue to lead the ranking of most used doors in any type of building. Homes, cultural, sports, educational and health centres, buildings and offices of companies and public institutions… wood doors for interiors are the first choice of architects, engineers, decorators and interior designers.

What is the reason behind this success? Here we summarise four advantages offered by doors of this type:


  • Decoration and finishes: Wood is an elegant material that, in itself, conveys a sensation of solidity and quality. In addition, compared to other materials such as glass or plastics, wood brings warmth and elegance to any project. And if that were not enough, the Spigodoor catalogue of interior doors offers dozens of finishes to adapt to any decorative idea.
  • Acoustics: Wood doors for interiors can also be acoustic doors. This means that they can be designed with micro-perforations that maximise sound absorption thereby helping to improve the acoustics of a room.
  • Fire safety: Wood doors for interiors can also be fire doors or FR doors. These doors, which look similar to a normal door, are specially manufactured to delay the spread of fire between rooms. RF30 model (EI 1 30-C5) fire doors offer a fire resistance of 30 minutes according to the UNE-EN 13501-2, 2009+A1 standard. Those of model RF60 resist for 60 minutes.
  • Rapid Technical Doors Service: Spigogroup manufactures its own technical doors. This allows us to quickly handle orders of small quantities and offer an express delivery service for our technical doors to place them at your disposal in just a few days. If you are in the midst of a building or renovation project and need an acoustic door, an FR door or just some beautiful wood doors right away, Spigodoor Rapid Technical Doors Service is your solution.


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