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01 oficinas de madera wood offices bureaux en boisWood offices change the lives of thousands of working people every day. Wood has been revealed as the perfect material for the design and construction of workplaces. So much so that, at present, prestigious architects and decorators are consistently proposing a more or less intensive use of wood (wood celings, walls, furniture) in their projects. Why?


  • They are a trend, they are fashionable: Some styles (nordic, ethnic) have captivated consumer tastes. Other styles (industrial, rustic or vintage) also include the extensive use of wood in their proposals. Wood offices transfer this trend to working environments. This does not only affect the furniture but also involves the choice of wood panelling for walls, floors and ceilings, compared to other materials.


  • Employee welfare: Working in an appropriate setting makes people feel good and, as a result, improves the quality of their work. The use of wood in office design helps to achieve a natural, warm, balanced and motivating environment. Users, whether employees or customers, feel much more comfortable in a more natural, welcoming space. It has been amply demonstrated that offices decorated with wood (wood design ceilings, wood slats on walls and ceilings, wood panels in inner linings, etc.) are more attractive.


  • Ecology and commitment to nature: environmental awareness and environmentalism, together with the inclination of human beings to keep in touch with nature has reinforced the wood as the material of choice. Wood is the most natural building material. It is also a renewable, natural and organic resource that is both a thermal and an electrical insulator.



oficinas de madera wood offices bureaux en bois


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