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instalar paneles acústicos 01When the time comes to order and install acoustic panels for a project, an important decision has to be made: which model to choose? The architect, quantity surveyor, engineer, decorator or person in charge of a project knows that the choice of one or another acoustic panel can mark, in a definitive way, the visual aspect and the acoustic comfort of a given space.

That is why today we bring you the five most important reasons why we believe you should choose acoustic panels made of wood and manufactured by Spigogroup. The five reasons why thousands of professionals around the world already choose Spigogroup's acoustic solutions and its Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigodoor, Spigoart and Spigoline brands.

  1. Spigogroup products contribute to creating better working conditions for installers, as they offer the Spigogroup installer hotline, which responds quickly and professionally to any queries that may arise.
  2. The very characteristics of our products and the way they are packed for delivery offer the best conditions for transport, handling and storage.
  3. The dimensions of the acoustic panels and their profiles are standard. This facilitates the installation of acoustic ceilings and wood ceilings because they provide a visual homogeneity of the surface that is impeccable.
  4. Spigogroup products are in conformity with all the certifications and standards in force that guarantee their quality.
  5. Our catalogues of acoustic solutions in wood offer the best value, while guaranteeing perfect finishes and impeccable final results.



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