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interiores de las puertas de madera 01

Knowing the edges and interior of wood doors of the Spigodoor Basic Series will help you find the model that best suits the needs of our project. If required, Spigodoor also has an extensive catalogue of technical doors manufactured in Spain, which includes acoustic doors, with different degrees of soundproofing, and fire doors / FR doors, with different responses to the spread of fire.

Within the basic Spigodoor series, you can choose between two different types of interiors or door cores:


  • The Basic Board model, made of low-density chipboard. This material is ideal for use in dry environments and for the manufacture of doors because it has a smooth, homogeneous surface and offers high stability and low levels of swelling. In addition, it is easy to transform and manipulate.


  • The Basic Light model, made of high-density polystyrene. A very lightweight material that offers excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing, as well as low water absorption and high mechanical resistance.


In addition, the basic Spigodoor series allows you to choose from four different edge options: plywood, PVC, compact and solid.



interiores de las puertas de madera 02


Once the interior configuration of the wood doors has been completed, all that remains is to choose the finish that we like best. You can choose MDB finishes to paint, laminated HPL formica, natural wood veneers or lacquered finishes.

More information about technical doors and wood doors in the Spigodoor catalogue.




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