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2 acabados de madera natural natural wood finishes finitions en bois naturelSpigogroup inner linings and acoustic panels offer different options of lacquer finishes, through-dyed MDF, melamine, HPL high pressure laminate veneer and natural wood finishes.

Our catalogue lists each type of finish dozens of options of chromatic ranges, so that construction, decoration and interior design professionals can choose the ideal finish for their project. We know how important it is for every finish shown on the catalogue to match the product that is delivered. We therefore try to ensure that, despite the innumerable technical difficulties (inks, temperatures or types of paper and printing), the colours shown in our paper catalogues are as close as possible to reality. We do the same with its digital version, although in this format we face an invincible obstacle, namely that the colour and brightness calibration of each individual screen is different.

In the case of natural wood finishes we must speak of another peculiarity that affects the final tone of the product. Natural wood is a living material, coming from a unique and unrepeatable source: a tree. That is why, sometimes, natural wood finishes do not match so accurately the tones that are shown in the catalogue. There are slight, insurmountable, variations, simply because no oak is identical to another oak, nor are there two identical beech trees, and so on.

These slight variations in tone are not a problem, they are a virtue. Choosing natural wood finishes is a commitment to the quality and elegance of a unique and exclusive material that offers a special link between human creation and nature.


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