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In this post we collect 25 articles about designing and decorating offices with wood that have had prominence in this blog at some point in recent years.

At Spigogroup, we mainly manufacture acoustic panels and wood cladding. However, there is more to it. We actually offer the market decorative and acoustic solutions in wood that participate in more extensive decoration, building and architectural projects. This global vision, which accompanies us in each order and marks our relationship with each client, is what distinguishes us.

Many of these projects are offices and workplaces so, in this blog, we have devoted many lines to...

designing and decorating offices with wood

  1. How does wood decoration and interior design affect us?
  2. The wood slat ceilings for offices in the Alava Medical Association
  3. Trends in decoration for 2020
  4. The role of wood in green offices
  5. New trends in office design: Open Space, better acoustics and more wood
  6. Wood slat panels for offices: the reception hall at Envaplaster
  7. Office ceilings that improve the look and acoustics of a workplace
  8. Ceiling and wall cladding with solid wood slats: the case of Centro de Formación Canario
  9. The three types of office doors made of wood most commonly used today
  10. The spectacular wood slat false ceiling at the new FINSA headquarters offices
  11. Decorative ceilings made with wood slats at the new offices of EFEBÉ Group
  12. Assembly hall wood panelling in the Cordoba Lawyers Association
  13. Doors and inner linings for offices: the case of Jamones Volatín
  14. Accessible ceilings for smart offices: sensorization, big data and the dilemmas we face from technological development
  15. Decorative acoustic panels for offices and surgeries
  16. Is it possible to decorate walls with wood panels?
  17. Removable ceilings and safety components
  18. Removable ceilings and accessible ceilings for offices
  19. What is the best wall covering to decorate home or office?
  20. Which wood panelling should I use for my office or workplace?
  21. Wood walls and inner linings made of wood for homes, offices and public buildings
  22. Wood doors: 3 good reasons to choose wood doors when decorating your home or office
  23. 12 Wood ceilings by Spigogroup
  24. The importance of acoustic conditioning in an office environment using sound-absorbent wood
  25. Veneer and technical doors at the new Logroño Nursing School

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