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01 Acústica post Covid-19 Post Covid-19 acoustics Acoustique post Covid-19It may seem strange, but, yes, we could talk about post Covid-19 acoustics. The pandemic has left us with a number of prevention rules that lead to situations where acoustic comfort may be impaired. Now is time to adapt the various spaces where we work or spend our leisure time to this new reality.

Perhaps the most obvious of all these new measures are the masks. We often hear that masks are here to stay. The sad reality is that, either because we have not yet defeated Covid-19 or because we are facing a new pandemic, it does seem that the masks will stay with us for a while. From an acoustic point of view, they are a barrier located right at the point where sound originates. They reduce volume and make and garble messages.

Another measure that influences acoustics is social distancing. Having to keep two metres apart coupled with using masks can turn a simple conversation into a serious acoustic problem, affecting mutual understanding. In addition, the obligation to ventilate and renew the air is forcing many premises to keep their doors and windows open, with an ensuing entrance of noise from the outside that also pollutes the room’s acoustics.

With this scenario, acoustic conditioning is more necessary than ever in offices, bars and restaurants, classrooms and other spaces. The need to offer the best acoustics to counteract the problems caused by infection preventive measures makes the use of acoustic panels almost obligatory in order to ensure the acoustic comfort we all desire.




02 Acústica post Covid-19 Post Covid-19 acoustics Acoustique post Covid-19.

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