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01 Mobiliario deportivo para gimnasios Sports furniture for gyms Mobilier sportif pour gymnasesThe first image we have when thinking of a gym is the weights room full of apparatus, weights and people with athletic bodies exercising. But in a gym or fitness room, users employ and value the machines and the activities offered as much as they do the changing rooms and showers to be used before and after they exercise. Good sports furniture for gyms can make the difference between choosing one place or another.

The most common set of sports furniture for gyms more consists of the following:


  • Phenolic cabins to preserve the privacy of users while they shower or change their clothes.
  • Phenolic benches to sit on, lean on and leave the bags or clothes while dressing and preparing for a sports activity
  • Phenolic lockers where users keep their clothes, sports bags and other belongings.


Sports furniture for gyms is phenolic furniture for a very good reason. It contributes the degree of hardness and resistance that today’s changing rooms require. The phenolic panel used to make sports furniture for gyms is particularly resistant to moisture, impacts and scratches. It is also a non-porous material which makes it very hygienic and easy to clean and disinfect. It is not corrosive and can perfectly withstand the daily use of cleaning chemicals

If you are equipping your new gym or fitness room, or if the sports furniture you already offer is damaged and needs renovating, contact Spigocompac and we will give you the best solution adapted to the needs of your business.



02 Mobiliario deportivo para gimnasios Sports furniture for gyms Mobilier sportif pour gymnases.

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