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These are some of the decorating trends for 2020. We are neither magicians nor can we guess the future, but as lovers of interior design and the creation of environments we closely follow the predictions and publications of studies, influencers and decoration professionals.

We are pleased to see that wood panelling will continue to have a leading role this year. Whether as wood slats, wood panels, or wood ceilings, the taste for the natural, sometimes in combination with other materials, is increasingly dominant.

These decorating trends for 2020 are not mandatory norms, only intuitions, albeit almost always right, of where fashion will go in the world of interior decoration.

Warm minimalism

Less is more continues to prevail, although that does not mean we must resign ourselves to cold spaces without personality. The use of inner linings in wood and a correct use of light will bring warmth. Straight lines, order and symmetry will do the rest.



01 tendencias en decoración para el año 2020


Wood with paper or ceramics

The combination of wood with wallpaper or ceramics on walls and floors provides an elegant break, while helping to delimit areas, particularly in small spaces.




White and neutral colours

The walls keep talking about white, light grey and beige. White and neutral colours combine perfectly and help highlight the aesthetic virtues of natural wood finishes.


Trends in decoration for 2020



Green and sustainable

In 2020, all projects must be sustainable and use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Plastics are being replaced by PEFC and FSC certified woods that guarantee they are sourced in sustainably managed forests.


Trends in decoration for 2020



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