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Acoustic panels for conference rooms are responsible for the good sound quality, usually found in these types of spaces.

Lecture rooms have the necessary audiovisual equipment to carry out workshops, seminars, lectures, conferences and professional meetings: screens, projectors, microphones, loudspeakers, etc. But they also make use of elements that go unnoticed, despite being in sight of all attendees, such as sound-absorbent wood panels that help control reverberation and achieve perfect acoustics.

Here are five projects in which Spigoacustic or Spigotec acoustic panels for conference rooms were used. We include photographs and data of the models and finishes used.


Al Dahil Residence (Doha)

For this project we manufactured and supplied Spigotec Leo model 16 acoustic panels with a bespoke 3 mm diameter hole (the standard diameter of this model is 16 mm), finished in oak melamine. Those responsible for the project opted for wood panelling with a touch of originality in the design, breaking the usual horizontality of this type of installation with the inclusion of star-shaped compositions employing combinations of greys.


Saudi Press Agency Auditorium

A very special building because of its spherical shape. Un edificio muy especial por su forma esférica. The interior wood panelling we supplied consisted of some 1,700 sqm of Spigotec Leo 10 and Spigotec Liso, veneered in cherry wood effect M1.



University of La Rioja

Numerous conference rooms and classrooms in which Spigotec sound-absorbent wood interior cladding was used, both on walls and ceilings, with beech and oak finishes.




University Square Stratford

We manufacture and supply the Spigoacustic 28-32-16, Spigoacustic 28-NO-16, Spigoacustic 42-16-32 andSpigoacustic 42-16-16 models of acoustic panels and sound-absorbent wood panelling. Our technical department got down to work using the latest technology and our specialized machinery and designed and manufactured the new wood panelling consisting of a union of different Spigoacustic models, creating a very attractive 3D effect.




Doha Modern Indian School

Spigotec LEO 32 acoustic panels cherry melamine finish (1,000 m²) and Spigotec LISO wood panels cherry melamine finish (500 m²) were usedezo.




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