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01 Reforma de portales Entrance lobby renovation Rénovation de vestibulesThe main reasons to carry out an entrance lobby renovation is to bring the premises up to date or to undertake some kind of improvement in security or accessibility. In both cases an entrance lobby renovation may be the perfect time to also improve your acoustics.

Many entrance lobbiess tend to have reverberation problems. Entrance lobbies normally have floors and walls made of non-porous ceramic, mirrors and other glass surfaces. They usually have no windows or furniture and this results in annoying acoustic effects. The solution to these acoustic problems involves the use of sound-absorbent acoustic panels in walls and/or ceilings. If, in addition, you choose wood acoustic panels, you will be able to provide major aesthetic value to the entrance lobby, giving it a modern, luminous and very elegant style.

This is the case of the renovations carried out in the entrance lobby of No. 9 of Muro de la Mata, in Logroño, designed by the architecture and engineering studio Faber 1900.

The project was carried out with Spigoacustic acoustic panels, model SA 28-16-16, and finished in natural varnished maple veneer. In total, more than 200 m² of cladding were installed (with pre-stripping) on the walls, ceilings and the lift casing, as well as the letterboxes and trimming on the lift and corners. Iroko wood junction boxes were also used on the stairs and mirrors, lacquered doors for panelling, and LEDs were placed on staircase perimeters.

The result was a completely updated entrance lobby, with good acoustics, which now receives visitors going to offices with elegance and distinction.


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