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Undulating wood ceilings are rare and hard to find. Although wood is a flexible material it is not easy to make wood ceilings that imitate waves, dunes or similar patterns because, quite obviously, they are harder to make from a technical point of view than flat ceilings.

Wood ceilings are very beautiful, pleasant, elegant and convey the feeling of warmth, of being at home. And curved wood ceilings are also original. The design ceilings made by Spigogroup for the Fundación Riojana para la Construcción or for this small condominium entrance in the Navarrese town of Estella are good examples.

But today we are talking about something else, of undulating wood ceilings that envelop the user of a room. Wood ceilings that also blend into the floor and walls like this one which we recently discovered and bring to our blog.

This is the project of the renovation carried out by dECOi Architects studio in 2009 for the offices of an investment group in Cambridge (USA) using green building techniques and clean energy technologies (CChange). For the manufacture they used mainly Finnish spruce wood veneer from sustainable forests. The 1000 m2 project was nested in 1200, 13-mm thick, 120 x 365 cm sheets, mechanically milled with high precision according to the indications of the studio and assembled on site.

Photographs by Anton Grassl obtained from








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