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puertas técnicas HPL laminado laminated HPL technical doors portes techniques HPL stratifié 3

Spigodoor laminated HPL technical doors, manufactured with high-density phenolic laminate veneer, are specially designed for projects that require increased durability and high impact and scratch resistance.

These doors have a number of elements and features included in the standard kit. For example, Spigodoor's Basic line, Sound (Acoustic doors) and Fire (Fire doors) technical doors made of laminated HPL have leaves ranging from 425 mm wide and 2.030 mm high (475 x 2.065 mm opening) up to 925 mm wide and 2.030 mm high (975 x 2.065 mm opening). They also include a door casing of up to 120 mm and 90 x 10 mm jambs.

In addition, standard kits include lift-off hinges which are certified in the Fire series. Also included are latches which have a certified lock without a cylinder in the Fire series.

These same elements are also included in the lacquered technical door kits, available in any PANTONE, RAL or NCS colour, in maple, beech, cherry and oak veneered technical doors, and in ready-to-paint MDF technical doors, designed so that the client can finish the final process according to needs.

Lead times for technical doors with high density phenolic laminate veneering is approximately 30 to 40 days (exact time to be notified at the time of order).



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