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01 precios de paneles acústicos prices of acoustic panels prix de panneaux acoustiquesEvery day we receive requests for prices of acoustic panels, wood ceilings, phenolic cabins, technical doors or any other of our branded products. When the contact is made by phone or chat we can complete the consultation quite quickly. They are means which provide instant feedback. On the other hand, when an architect or builder contacts us via email or using a form, the process takes a little longer. Some key data is almost always missing. It seems inevitable. Our catalogues include many options and it is very rare for a client to know all the details that must be decided when asking for a quote.

We have launched a new online tool to make it easier to request prices of acoustic panels, removable ceilings, false wood ceilings or any other product. It is a simple, yet very complete form, which Spigogroup clients can use to request a quote for any of our Spigoacustic, Spigotec, Spigoline, Spigocompac or Spigodoor products. The form takes you, one step at a time, through all the information necessary to complete the request. Once it is finished, it is sent to our sales department, where they will have all the necessary details to prepare and quickly and efficiently send the requested quote.

When you need a quote for you project’s acoustic doors, if you want to know how much cladding with wood slats can cost, or if you are going to start an acoustic conditioning job and you need the price of wood acoustic panels, try our new online quote request tool.






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