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In the renovation of retail premises and restaurants there comes a time when we must decide the material that will best help us achieve our goals. Wood is undoubtedly the best option. Here's why.

The main reason for renovating premises is to give it a new look. Either because it has changed ownership, because it has redirected or expanded its activity or because its appearance has become outdated, the main reason to initiate a renovation project is usually aesthetics.

Renovating with wood ensures that a business will have a new modern and fashionable face, as wood has become a trend and we can rest assured that the image of the premises will be completely updated.

Wood is not only used in furniture, but also, as wood cladding, both on walls and ceilings. In these cases, it also provides the advantage of improving the acoustics of the room, helping to control that annoying reverberation and offering an increasingly demanded acoustic comfort. Spigogroup has different alternatives available, including Spigoacustic acoustic panels, Spigotec false wood ceilings, Spigoline solid wood slat cladding and Spigoplank decorative wood cladding.

Finally, wood is a recyclable and renewable material, so that it perfectly complies with the points of corporate social responsibility of companies that propose a sustainable business model in all its facets.


03 reforma de locales comerciales y restaurantes


04 reforma de locales comerciales y restaurantes .

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