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Sound-absorbent wood tiles are the construction and decorative element in charge of good acoustics in different types of premises. We only have to look around to discover it on ceilings and interior cladding in most of the buildings and establishments we visit every day.

The reason for such success is easy to explain. On the one hand, the aesthetic versatility of wood allows one to use it in any space. But, in addition, it is a porous material with sound-absorbent properties that makes it an excellent starting point for its transformation into acoustic panels capable of guaranteeing the acoustic comfort we all desire.

Thus, a sound-absorbent wood plate can end up finishing off any type of project. Here are some examples:


1.- Universities: both in classrooms and in public areas, it is necessary to transmit serenity and warmth while ensuring the correct listening of speeches and conversations.


2- Offices: noise prone spaces requiring acoustic tiles in offices, meeting rooms and large common areas.


3.- Dining rooms: poor acoustics can turn a dining room into a sound inferno and acoustic wood panneling is the ideal solution.


4.- Lobbies: these are places where very disturbing echoes and reverberations traditionally occur, all of which can be corrected with the use of acoustic panels.


5.- Auditoriums: they are the clearest case of the need to combine good acoustic conditioning and an elegant atmosphere.


6.- Museums: wood panneling offers the necessary discretion so as not to hinder the enjoyment of art


7.- Hotels: from rooms to reception, dining rooms, auditoriums and common areas, wood and good acoustics are always present in the hotel industry.


8.- Shopping malls: the creation of comfortable and sophisticated environments requires wood and its sound absorbing capability.



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