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In its more than 30 years of experience, Spigogroup has manufactured and installed thousands of square metres of wood acoustic cladding for auditoriums in universities, conference centres, hotels, companies, museums, etc. However, to do so in the historic city of Salamanca, a World Heritage Site and the cradle of thought and knowledge, is undoubtedly very special.

In some occasions, we have the opportunity to combine in the same space the simple elegance of Spigoacustic and Spigotec brand wood acoustic panels with the distinguished minimalism of Spigoline wood slats. This is a clear example of this.

In this project we supplied materials for the multi-purpose rooms and meeting rooms of the building, both in ceilings and walls. Good acoustics, as could not be otherwise, was a priority objective. The acoustic ceilings were designed with Spigotec wood acoustic panels with a central island of Spigoline solid wood slats, in their sound-absorbing models. More specifically, we supplied 150 m² of Spigotec false wood ceilings, model Piscis 25 in maple melamine on standard MDF board with tongue-and-groove machining, and a thickness of 12 mm. To combine with them, both in ceilings and walls, we also supplied 150 m² of Spigoline's acoustic system, models T-4_20_90_130 and T-8_20_50_55, finished in tinted obeche wood. For other rooms this same material was sent in white.

The result was exceptional, with a warm, elegant look and perfect acoustic comfort.

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