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01 Paneles de revestimiento de madera Wood cladding panels Panneaux de lambris décoratifsDecorative wood cladding panels, like the Spigoplank panels manufactured by Spigogroup, base part of their personality on the attractive appeal of the wood used in their manufacture.

Although Spigogroup can manufacture Spigoplank decorative panel for walls and ceilings in any of the woods most commonly used in decoration (cherry, beech, maple, etc.), it normally uses obeche wood, also known as ayous or samba. Obeche wood comes from a tropical tree, Triplochiton scleroxylon, native to West and Central Africa, which ranges in height from 30 to 65 metres. The wood is whitish to pale yellow, with straight, medium grain and low impregnability. Its main advantage is that it is very lightweight, making it ideally suited for installing on ceilings and walls.

However, to make Spigoplank decorative wood cladding more resistant to the passage of time, various treatments can be applied. The simplest is the application of a standard varnish that gives the wood extra protection. Another possibility is to combine autoclave pressure treatment with varnish to achieve B-s1,d0 fire resistance. Finally, we can also apply a fireproof varnish for B-s2, d0 fire resistance.

These same treatments can also be applied to wood panels used to cover furniture and other decorative items in restaurants, hotels, offices or locations with special fire protection requirements.


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