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Wood fire doors are a type of technical doors specially designed to delay the spread of fire. They are quite easy to operate: wood fire doors and FR doors are made of intumescent materials (which swell when exposed to heat) blocking any airways between rooms separated by these technical doors. This ‘sealing’ occurs with the fire doors and FR doors the flow of oxygen that feeds the fire and preventing the flames from spreading rapidly from one room to another.

Puertas cortafuegos fire doors portes coupe-feu

However, the technical function of this type of door does not need to spoil the design of the interior of a building. On the contrary, depending on the chosen finish, fire doors they can be one more component of the overall design and that is how they should be considered.

The fire doors catalogue of Spigodoor, the division of Spigogroup dedicated to manufacturing technical doors, offers the following finishes:


  • DM for painting: this option gives the customer the chance to complete the final process depending on customer´needs.
  • Varnished veneer: with a wide variety of varnished veneer (oak, beech, cherry, maple, among others) which provide high quality and category that can just give the natural wood.
  • Lacquers: wide variety of lacquers, adapted to any reference of PANTONE, RAL or NCS.
  • Laminated HPL: laminated HPL is for the customers who desire perdurability and a high antibacterial, moisture and temperature changes resistence.

02 Puertas cortafuegos fire doors portes coupe-feu


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