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Puertas técnicas lacadas de colores 01

Lacquered doors have been in fashion for a long time, particularly white ones, which is why many customers ask us if it is also possible to install coloured lacquered technical doors. The answer is: yes, you can and the result is extraordinary.

Polishing the corporate image of brands and commercial establishments has also jumped to institutions and community facilities. Hospitals, museums, schools, transport services… any company or organisation is likely to have a powerful brand easily and quickly recognisable by their customers/users. This identification has also affected architecture and construction. Now, every construction element is susceptible to be conditioned by the brand image. Of course, doors, including technical doors, are one of these elements.

In the Spigodoor catalogue of wood doors and technical doors, from the Basic Series to the acoustic doors of the Sound Series or the fire doors of the Fire Series, there are different types of finishes, including lacquered. Spigodoor has a wide variety of lacquer options adapted to any reference in the PANTONE, RAL and NCS charts. Flush doors can also be lacquered, as well as the special anti-pinch doors used in schools and kindergartens. The chromatic possibilities are as wide ranging as your imagination.

At Spigogroup, we manufacture, on request, technical doors finished in lacquer in the colour of your choice. Standard manufacturing lead times for this type of finish are between 20 and 25 days.



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