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We have been serving wood slats cladding in Morocco for a long time. Our neighbour’s economy has boomed in recent years and this, together with the Morocco’s geostrategic importance for Europe have led to major building and architectural projects. Today we bring one of these emblematic projects.

It is the new bus station in Rabat, the political capital of Morocco. The design of the new building was entrusted to the well-known Moroccan architect Fikri Benabdallah, who also designed the Nejjarine Museum of Art and Wood Crafts in Fez. The station, designed to decongest the city's growing traffic and reduce its pollution rate, has a total roof area of 21,617 m² and 46 bus bays.

For the interior of the atrium, the architect wanted to find solid wood cladding which would bring colour and elegance and convey the warmth and friendliness that the city offers to arriving travellers. Spigoline solid wood slatted cladding offered the aesthetics and functionality to meet these wishes, and we were commissioned to manufacture 3500 m² of Spigoline Grid 4-30-70-55 in solid obeche wood, PSM R12509 finish. The building, with its semi-circular section, allows us to show the versatility of our Spigoline installation system, able to adapt to curved surfaces. We sent the wood slats to Rabat and now they look incredible, engaging in the play of light and shadow of the station’s breathtaking wood slat vault.

Spigogroup has scheduled new shipments of acoustic panels and wood slatted cladding to Morocco. Would you like us to help you with your project? Write to us at








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