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Acoustic wood slat cladding is the most advanced version of the solid wood slat panels used in decoration. This type of interior cladding not only offers the modern, elegant look of wood slats, but also provides, sound absorption, helping the room’s acoustic conditioning.

Spigoline, the Spigogroup brand devoted to the manufacture of solid wood slat cladding, offers the Acoustic System models. This cladding, used in ceilings and walls, consists of superior acoustic panel with ovoid or circular holes and solid wood slats (square or rectangular section) positioned parallel to each other and perpendicular to this support. Both on walls and ceilings, it is installed by a assembly system of Spigoline grills through wooden spacer structure to the wall and their posterior positioning by means of nails.

The dimensions of acoustic wood slats are 2400 mm by 600 mm. The Spigoline catalogue has 8 models. The first letter of the name indicates to the type of perforation (T for Circular or R for Slotted) followed by the number of slats in each tile. This is followed by the slat width, height and spacing in mm.


Model T8_20_90_55




Model T-8_20_50_55




Model T-4_20_90_130




Model T-4_20_50_130




Model R-8_20_90_55




Model R-8_20_50_55




Model R-4_20_90_130




Model R-4_20_50_130



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